I was introduced to yoga during college and since had had the opportunity to explore various styles.  Once I discovered more active variations I became hooked.  

While there's more to yoga than the Asana, I believe the rewards of the physical practice are immeasurable:  In one pose, the body moves through all planes, improving flexibility, mobility, and strength.  In one sequence, the focused breathing trains mindfulness for both on and off the mat.  My favorite aspect of yoga is its accessibility: It's a practice that is suitable for all ages,while offering challenges for various levels of fitness and ability.  Yoga is perfect for the beginner and those looking to complement other forms of exercise.

The benefits I experienced encouraged me to study yoga more thoroughly, and I obtained my 200RYT in Vinyasa Flow/Hatha.  I'm excited to share this practice with others. 

I started practicing yoga off and on a few years ago because my doctor recommended it as physical therapy for an injury.  At first, I thought yoga was boring and found it extremely hard to focus during class, but for some reason I kept going back for more.  In a small amount of time yoga has taken a huge toll on sculpting who I am.  Practicing yoga let me tap into a part of me that I didn't know was there.  I went from practicing yoga a few times a month to eventually practicing almost everyday.  With the encouragement and support from my family and friends, I decided to enrolled in Teacher Training at Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh. I was the youngest person to participate in the training at Amazing Yoga at my age of 16.  I look forward to sharing the countless benefits that yoga has given me.   

When I am not on my mat I'm either at school or snowboarding, but either way yoga always seems to find me in any activity I am doing.  

Like many people I first came to yoga, particularly “power flow yoga,” for the physical benefits of toned arms and taunt abs. Each week I did see those outward physical benefits from showing up on my mat. I loved gaining strength, flexibility and being able to learn how to float into some of those fun arm balances. However, that is not what hooked me, it was the discovery that yoga was every bit a mental practice as it was a physical practice. Yoga taught me the true meaning of living in the present. It is training yourself to literally be in the moment, not letting the mind wonder to thoughts of what happened earlier in your day, the emails you still need to send or the other obligations that you have after class. Learning to “quite the mind” as we say in yoga, is still a challenge for me at times, but when I can achieve that quietness it has given me true inner peace. See you on your mat. Namaste. Megan has a RYT200.

Pam Hudson


Than Oo


Pam has 22 years  of fitness experience ranging from group fitness, advance personal training, and kickboxing.  Pam has a true passion for fitness and regularly attends continuing education training and conventions to keep her classes cutting edge.  She has also been contracted by weight loss clinics to help coach clients to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Recently she has been selected by JoFit apparel to be an ambassador for their clothing line.  

Pam is a graduate of Edinboro University where she played tennis. She is currently a high school tennis coach and has experience in training and motivating athletes.  She has developed training plans to increase speed, performance, and injury prevention.   Pam's passion for fitness is infectious as she repeats her mantra, "do what you love and love what you do".

Pam is married with 2 sons and resides in Transfer.  

Paula Jean






Jackie Stewart

owner, founder

Malia Voytik


Renee Holesko


 Renee is a RYT200. Her Vinyasa Flow Classes are great for all levels. 

My obsession with fitness started when I took my first step aerobics class in high school.  I loved group exercise. It gave me a feeling of acceptance and I felt so strong and rewarded when I was done with a class.  In the fall of 1998 I left for college at Clarion University.  I was determined not to gain the freshman 15, so I went to check out the group fitness schedule.  It was there that I saw the sign for a part - time aerobics instructor.  I auditioned, got the job and over winter break for my 19th birthday my parents paid for my first group fitness certification.  That was the start of my fitness career.  Little did I know that my part- time job would mold my future, introduce me to some of my best friends, and become my passion. 

Directly after graduating from Clarion with a BS, I took my first grown up job as a fitness director.  It was then that I became obsessed with learning everything I could about fitness and all the evolving trends.  I would spend almost every weekend at a fitness training or certification.  People always say if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life.  That is true, and I have been blessed to find professional jobs that have allowed me to do that and form me into the business woman and fitness professional I am today.

What can I say, I am a fitness nut.  However, it was a long road for me to fall in love with yoga.  I would try it and then write it off several times over a span of about 10 years.  I found myself restless, frustrated and bored with most yoga I tried.   I heard of a hot yoga studio and thought I would give it one more try.  And that began my love affair with heated power flow yoga.  After that class I felt fatigued and sweaty, yet proud and energized at the same time. 

Over the past 8 years I credit yoga for not only changing my body but also  my view on life.  It made me a better person.  I know that sounds  so cliché but it's true and after I started seeing the physical and emotional benefits, I want everyone to experience it.

Here it is.  My Dream. Twisted Yoga & Barre Studio.

Thank you to my family and friends for your support, love and guidance on this very Twisted adventure. 

Current Certification

E-RYT 200, ACE Group Fitness, ACE Personal Trainer 

Currently pursuing RYT 300 

Completed Trainings

Beyond the Barre, YMCA Group Fitness, Reebok Cycling, ICE Cycling, NETA Mat Pilates, NETA Reformer Pilates, Silversneakers, ACE Personal Trainer, AFAA kickboxing, Zumba, Pilates Reformers, Bootcamp, Functional Training, Yoga For Athletes, Fit Kids, AEA Water, Zumba